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I'm trying to understand and get hold of the $wpdb global object but can't seem to make it work. Basically, I'm trying to insert a single record into a custom table in wordpress DB. Instead of creating your own connection string and using that, I've seen the Global $wpdb object do the trick for us. I followed the codex example and tried to do it on my own but failed. I don't get any error but the record does not insert as well. It been hours figuring the issue. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


class Listings{

    private $buisnessName;
    private $contactName;
    private $categories;
    private $websiteURL;
    private $telephoneNum;
    private $address;
    private $socialLinks;
    private $shortDescription;
    private $images;
    private $fullDescription;
    private $tags;

    function __construct($buisnessName, $contactName, $categories, $websiteURL, $telephoneNum,$address,$socialLinks, $shortDescription, $images, $fullDescription,$tags){

        $this->buisnessName = $buisnessName;
        $this->contactName = $contactName;
        $this->categories = $categories;
        $this->websiteURL = $websiteURL;
        $this->telephoneNum = $telephoneNum;
        $this->address = $address;
        $this->socialLinks = $socialLinks;
        $this->shortDescription = $shortDescription;
        $this->images = $images;
        $this->fullDescription = $fullDescription;
        $this->tags = $tags;        

    function Insert_Listing(){
        global $wpdb;
        $wpdb->insert('wp_listings_info', array("Buisness_Name" => $this->buisnessName,"Contact_Name" => $this->contactName, "Categories" => $this->categories, "Website_URL" => $this->websiteURL, "Telephone_Number" => $this->telephoneNum, "Address" => $this->address, "Social_Network_Links" => $this->socialLinks, "Short_Description" => $this->shortDescription, "Images" => $this->images, "Full_Description" => $this->fullDescription, "Tags" => $this->tags), array("%s", "%s","%s", "%s","%s", "%s","%s", "%s","%s", "%s","%s"));


Table Structure:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `wp_listings_info` (
`Business_Name` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
`Contact_Name` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
`Categories` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
`Website_URL` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`Telephone_Number` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
`Address` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
`Social_Network_Links` varchar(500) NOT NULL,
`Short_Description` text NOT NULL,
`Images` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
`Full_Description` text NOT NULL,
`Tags` varchar(500) NOT NULL,

and I'm calling the object of the class like this:

$listingObj = new Listings($buisnessName, $contactName, $categories, $websiteURL, $telephoneNum,$address, $socialLinks, $shortDescription, $images, $fullDescription,$tags);

Again I'm saying that I'm not getting any error at all, It's just the code does not insert the record as well. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Business_Name is not the same as Buisness_Name (i/s switched around). Fix it in your WP query.

$wpdb->insert('wp_listings_info', array("Buisness_Name" => $this->buisnessName ..
//                                         ^^

And your create statement:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `wp_listings_info` (
`Business_Name` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
// ^^
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Thanks for the correction. Though I copy-pasted it but still made a mistake :/ However, I still keep on getting an error But I see 2 records of the same value are inserted each time I run the script. Although, I'm just calling the insert function once. Strange. – ahmii321 Sep 27 '13 at 16:42
WordPress database error: [] INSERT INTO wp_listings_info (Business_Name,Contact_Name,Categories,Website_URL,Telephone_Number,A‌​ddress,Social_Network_Links,Short_Description,Images,Full_Description,T‌​ags) VALUES ('My Buisness Name','My Buisness Contact Name','My Categories','My Website URL','1234567','My Address','My Social Links','My Short Descriptions','My images Path','My Full Description','My Tags comma seperated') – ahmii321 Sep 27 '13 at 16:43
Can you plz help me and let me know why the code is inserting 2 rows in my Table. Although I'm only calling the constructor and insert function once ?? – ahmii321 Sep 27 '13 at 17:39
The truth is that you aren't. I'd tell you to try to run print_r(debug_backtrace()) inside the constructor/insert function to see if you create the class elsewhere. – h2ooooooo Sep 27 '13 at 20:04

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