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Running into a strange issue with my Tire + Bonsai (Elastic Search) setup. I have a feeling my contacts are not being indexed correctly

Currently, I am getting back a contact with the name "Andrew" using the following curl:

curl -XPOST http://XXX:XXX.bonsai.io/contacts/_search -d '{"query":{"bool":{"must":[{"query_string":{"query":"and","fields":["name.analyzed"]}}]}}}'

However, when I specify more letters, Bonsai no longer returns my result:

curl -XPOST http://XXX:XXX.bonsai.io/contacts/_search -d '{"query":{"bool":{"must":[{"query_string":{"query":"andr","fields":["name.analyzed"]}}]}}}'


curl -XPOST http://XXX:XXX.bonsai.io/contacts/_search -d '{"query":{"bool":{"must":[{"query_string":{"query":"andrew","fields":["name.analyzed"]}}]}}}'

This is how I've set up my index:

settings analysis: {
    filter: {
      nameNGram: {
        type: "edgeNGram",
        min_gram: 1,
        max_gram: 20,
    tokenizer: {
      non_word: {
        type: "pattern",
        pattern: "[^\\w]+"
    analyzer: {
      name_analyzer: {
        type: "custom",
        tokenizer: "non_word",
        filter: ["lowercase", "nameNGram"]
  } do
  mapping do
    indexes :name, type: "multi_field", fields: {
      analyzed:   { type: "string", index: :analyzed, index_analyzer: "name_analyzer" }, # for indexing
      unanalyzed: { type: "string", index: :not_analyzed, :include_in_all => false } # for sorting

I realize that I can use the wildcard query (*), but I know this is not super efficient... Also, it kind of defeats the purpose of me doing edgeNGram. What am I doing wrong?

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