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I'm playing around with Hstore for the first time in a rails4 app, and I am using javascript in a form to build out dynamic form fields for the hstore column (:schema)

In rails 4 I dont need to add any setter/getter method in my model, correct?

In my form i am building dynamic input fields and allowing the user to set the key/value pairs. Much like the Hstore Heroku Demo App

So basically my form would have inputs like

input name="app[schema][dynamic_key1]" value="whatever value"
input name="app[schema][dynamic_key2]" value="whatever value2"

In my App Controller:

def app_params
  params.require(:app).permit(:name, :title, :schema )

However, when i create a new App record, my schema hstore values are not saving. I saw some things about making the strong param for :schema => [] but that still does not work.

Since I do not know what these values will be, i cant setup store_accessors for these like I have seen in a lot of examples.

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found this here:

and in my controller I used:

def app_params
  params.require(:app).permit(:name, :title).tap do |whitelisted|
    whitelisted[:schema] = params[:app][:schema]
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This worked for me. –  Reddirt Aug 20 '14 at 15:03
I think you might want to update your answer according to that rails guide you have pointed out. They currently use this code: params.require(:product).permit(:name, data: params[:product][:data].try(:keys)) –  Alexander Aug 19 at 16:25

Here's a way that also allows deleting of the hstore keys by submitting empty parameters.

In your ApplicationController add this method:

# Returns the hstore keys to be whitelisted.
# @param key [Symbol] the name of the hstore field
# @param params [Hash] the parameters for the hstore field
# @return [{Symbol => Array<Symbol>}, Symbol]
def permit_hstore_params(key, hstore_params)
  keys = hstore_params.try(:keys)

  # Return key if params are empty, 
  # this allows the hstore key to be removed.
  return key if keys.blank?

  # Otherwise, return the keys to be whitelisted
  { key => keys }


class DynamicRecord < ActiveRecord::Base
  store_accessor :metadata

class DynamicRecordController < ApplicationController
  # ...

  def dynamic_model_params
      .permit(:name, permit_hstore_params(:metadata, params[:dynamic_model][:metadata]))
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