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According to the CI Library there are 2 parameters for the form_button using form_helper. I can use the thrd parameter to give the button a class. But I want to also give the button a PATH so it acts like an anchor. Is there an option for this? How else could I anchor it using form_helper not html? Thanks in advance!

form_button('name', 'content', 'class');

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Not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve, but:

A form_button() function creates an

<input type="submit" />

tag, which does not have something like src attribute where you can give a certain path.

If you want it to look like a link, you can style that with CSS. If you want to use <a href=".."> link to submit the form, you can use jQuery to achieve that. If you want to submit the form to a specific URL (what you refer to as PATH), you can specify that in the form_open() function.

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ah it creates a submit type. I see. Thanks for that! –  Hobby99 Sep 27 '13 at 15:42

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