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Hi I have a label on my page and I want to change the text of that label when a button is pressed. I have used the following code but nothing happens to the label.


<script type="text/javascript">
function changePrice(){
    document.getElementById('price11').innerHTML = '2.99';


<label for="price1" id="price11">5.00</label>
<input type='button' onclick='changePrice()'/>
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Looks fine to me, where's the script located on your page? – tymeJV Sep 27 '13 at 16:05
Hmm... Can you bring up your console and see if there are any errors? – tymeJV Sep 27 '13 at 16:07
In your browser, the editor is irrelevant. – tymeJV Sep 27 '13 at 16:08
press f12 -> console – Gal Margalit Sep 27 '13 at 16:09
Works in my fiddle: – Barmar Sep 27 '13 at 16:19
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I have worked around it by having another label with new text. The button hides the old label and shows the new label

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