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I am trying to using Boost.Python.

My system is:

Visual Studio 2012 + Windows7 64-bit + Python 2.7.5 32-bit + Boost 1.54.

Now, I think the Boost.Python is installed, and I can find .dll and .lib files at C:\local\boost_1_54_0\lib32-msvc-11.0, such as boost_python-vc110-mt-gd-1_54.lib.

Then I'm trying to run an example at C:\local\boost_1_54_0\libs\python\example\quickstart in Command Prompt as follows:

bjam toolset=msvc toolset=msvc --verbose-test --debug-configuration test

Then I have some warning as:

notice: [python-cfg] ...requested configuration matched!

notice: [python-cfg] Details of this Python configuration:

notice: [python-cfg] interpreter command: "C:\Python2.7.5\python"

notice: [python-cfg] include path: "C:\Python2.7.5\Include"

notice: [python-cfg] library path: "C:\Python2.7.5\libs"

notice: [python-cfg] DLL search path: "C:\Python2.7.5"

Besides, there are linking errors:

LINK : warning LNK4001: no object files specified; libraries used LINK : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _mainCRTStartup bin\test_embed.test\msvc-11.0\debug\test_embed.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

I think that there could be something wrong with the configuration file. In Boost.Python Instruction, I find that there are two files could matter, which are user-config.jam, and boost-build.jam.

For user-config.jam, I find it at C:\local\boost_1_54_0\tools\build\v2, and its content is:

using msvc : 11.0 ;

using python : 2.7 : C:\\Python2.7.5\\ ;

For boost-config.jam, it is everywhere! I don't know which one should I modify. I guess it should be the one that in the same directory with the example. But what its content should be?

Also, I am still not sure if this problem is caused by wrong configuration files or by poor installation of Boost.Python.

Is there a tutorial of bjam syntax? I've googled about it, but every time I was lead back to Boost tutorial.

Can anyone help me work around this? Many thanks. :)

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1 Answer

have you checked the user-config.jam in your home directory:


the next point is that your user-config.jam isn't complete for your python configuration..

here is an example:

# -------------------
# MSVC configuration.
# -------------------

# Configure msvc (default version, searched for in standard locations and PATH).
# using msvc ;

# Configure specific msvc version (searched for in standard locations and PATH).
using msvc : 10.0 : C:\\app\\tools\\MSVisualStudio2010\\VC\\bin\\cl.exe ;

# ---------------------
# Python configuration.
# ---------------------

# Configure specific Python version.
# using python : 3.1 : /usr/bin/python3 : /usr/include/python3.1 : /usr/lib ;

using python 
    : 2.5                   # Version
    : C:\\app\\tools\\Python25\\python.exe      # Python Path
    : C:\\app\\tools\\Python25\\include         # include path
    : C:\\app\\tools\\Python25\\libs            # lib path(s)
    : <define>BOOST_ALL_NO_LIB=1
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