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In the part of my RabbitMQ code where I am closing my connection, I see that there's an overload that allows me to specify a timeout. The timeout argument is an int. What are the units of this argument?

I checked the .Net documentation for the IConnection.Close(int timeout) but they don't mention units. If I set the timeout to 1000, is that 1000 seconds? 1000 milleseconds? What? Also, how do I check this? I don't know how make this code timeout.

If any RabbitMQ people are reading this, why not make the timeout argument a TimeSpan?

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It's Milliseconds.

In the RabbitMQ source code for .Net you can see where this is used in ConnectionBase.cs like so:


The method signature for WaitOne can be found on MSDN here and this states the timeout as milliseconds.

I agree though, that this should be clearer.

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