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Please someone tell me where I am wrong? I am getting the following error when I am running the script:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in C:\wamp\www\baljeet2\ViewAllPolicy1.php on line 32

Here is my complete code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<body bgcolor='white'>
include 'config.php';

//if ($_SESSION['auth']!='TRUE') {

//header ("Location: ../a_login.php");





 if (mysqli_connect_errno($con))
   echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error();
   echo "";

$result = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM policydetail1");
echo "pass<br>";

int $num_rows=0;

$num_rows= mysql_num_rows($result);
if ($num==0) {
  // Show message
    echo "No record Found";
} else {
  // do your while stuff here

while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
echo $row['CompanyName']." ".$row['PolicyNo']." ".$row['OD']." ".$row['ThirdParty']." ".$row['ServiceTaxRate']." ".$row['TotalAmount']." ".$row['Discount']." ".$row['CommissionRate']." ".$row['Commission']." ".$row['CommissionStatus']." ".$row['Date']."<br>";



     //echo "<div align='center'><div style='background-color:#4682B4; color:white; width:1000px; height:30px; text-align:center; font-family:trebuchet ms;'>Policy Add Succefully!!!</div></div><br> <div align='center'><a href='Add Policy Form.html'>Add more records</a><a href='Add Policy Form.html'> <BR>Back to Main Menu</a></div>";


I am new to PHP and doing hard to find this error. Code on line 32 is following:

int $num_rows=0; //Here I am getting error

I also checked the semicolons and syntax but nothing found.

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int $num_rows = 0; is not valid PHP. – Michael Berkowski Sep 27 '13 at 16:17
remove the int part – Kai Qing Sep 27 '13 at 16:18
Remove the int keyword, as PHP variable declarations are not typed as in C/C++/Java. – Michael Berkowski Sep 27 '13 at 16:18
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about a syntax error – Mike B Sep 27 '13 at 16:37

Php is dynamic typing language. This means that variables have no type. Is the runtime that known the type in base of the content of a variable.


    $var = 0;     echo gettype($var);  // integer
    $str = 'str'; echo gettype($str);  // string
    $boo = false; echo gettype($boo$); // boolean

If you need, you can cast values:


    $integer = '3';              // now is a string
    $number = 2 * (int)$integer; // '3' becomes an integer with (int)
    echo $number;                // will print 6
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int isn't a keyword in PHP. So it's interpreting that as a variable name. Which is then immediately following by another variable name ($num_rows), which is what the parser doesn't expect.

I think you mean this:

$num_rows = 0;

You don't need to declare a variable type. The interpreter will discern the type when it needs to.

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