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I am using followng code to index a integer value

String key = hmap.get("key");
System.out.println("key == "+Integer.parseInt(key));
if(key!=null && key.trim().length()>0)
        doc.add(new IntField("kv", Integer.parseInt(key),IndexFieldTypes.getFieldType(INDEX_STORE_FIELD)));

The problem is if 'key' is '50' the line 'key== 50' get printed well but when it reach 'doc.add' line it throw following exception:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: type.numericType() must be INT but got null
at org.apache.lucene.document.IntField.<init>(

Can someone figure out.

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you're doing parseInt(minTicketPrice) for your debug output, but then are using parseInt(key) in the actual doc.add call, so you haven't checked at all whether you're passing in an a proper value or not. – Marc B Sep 27 '13 at 16:42
oh sorry its 'key' only in parseInt – Too much to learn Sep 27 '13 at 16:51
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An IntField must have a NumericFieldType of FieldType.NumericType.INT. Of course, I don't have intimate knowledge of your IndexFieldTypes class, but I would guess it's default INDEX_STORE_FIELD has no numeric type (rightly so, if it is non-null lucene will try to index as a number).

You may not necessarily need to pass a field type to IntField though, you could just do something like:

doc.add(new IntField("kv", Integer.parseInt(key), Field.Store.YES));

If you do need to define a FieldType, either use a different type from existing functionality in IndexFieldTypes, or implement logic to create an IntField from it. Or just set the NumericFieldType after it is retreived, like:

FieldType type = IndexFieldTypes.getFieldType(INDEX_STORE_FIELD);
doc.add(new IntField("kv", Integer.parseInt(key), type));
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doc.add(new IntField("kv", Integer.parseInt(key), Field.Store.YES)); worked for me. – Too much to learn Sep 28 '13 at 9:57

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