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I'm trying to understand how to use solve-eq, I expected Z3 to solve this

(declare-const mem (Array Int Int))
(declare-const adr_a Int)
(declare-const a Int)
(assert (= (select mem adr_a) a))
(assert (<= 0 (select mem adr_a)))
(apply solve-eqs)


(<= 0 a)

but I get instead

(<= 0 (select mem adr_a))

can I specify what varibales should be simplified? any other tactique could do the job?

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Simple example:

(declare-const a Int)
(declare-const b Int)
(assert (= b a))
(assert (<= 0 b))
(apply solve-eqs)

the output is:

(goals (goal (<= 0 a) :precision precise :depth 1) )
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yes but it does not work with uninterpreted functions... –  Mauro Oct 8 '13 at 12:41

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