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Company recently upgraded to Flash v11.8.800.168 and a flash movie which is loaded using SWFObject (1.1) is not working correctly in Internet Explorer (Firefox works fine). The movie is loaded dynamically using a jquery document.ready method using the "new SWFObject(...); so.write("ID")" method (again SWFObject 1.1).\

The movie on load calls a JavaScript function (which is built dynamically using server scripting). The function is being called correctly as checked by a debugger. The JavaScript function calls a method in the flash movie passing it some XML (which is used to render some user and navigation items).

Something like this:

function calledFromFlash() {
 document.getElementById("FlashMovie").renderUsingXml('<?xml version 1.0"?><lotsofxml></lotsofxml>');

Like I said, this all works still in Firefox with the new Flash version.

When I step through the function above, using step into with the IE Debugger, I get the following steps:

function anonymous() {
    return eval(this.CallFunction("<invoke name=\"renderUsingXml\" returntype=\"javascript\">" + __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments, 0) + "</invoke>"));

At this point, I checked the arguments variable and it contains the XML as one would expect. After the next step into, I get this:

try { __flash__toXML(calledFromFlash(undefined)); } catch (e) { "<undefined/>"; }

At this point the debugger is already on the catch, yet one more step into take the code into the "<undefined/>" section and I can see that e is Object Expected

What I've tried:

  • Static implementation without SWFObject. This works. But then Firefox doesn't process the XML properly (and it seems to be the same issue as IE)
  • Upgrading to SWFObject 2.2. Using dynamic implementation it fails still. Using static implementation it works in IE but not Firefox

This is NOT my flash movie, the source is... well, I don't know. The guy that wrote it has left the company. That said, this seems like such a crazy issue.

My proposed fix is simply to use SWFObject for Firefox and use a static implementation for IE, but I really want to know what is wrong.

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This was caused by a bug in Flash Player 11.8.800.168. It has been fixed in 11.8.800.175.

Bug fixes:

3630443 - [External][Windows][IE] ExternalInterface.call() method with non-ASCII text as a parameter corrupts the characters on the Javascript side
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See also bug #3630370 –  iX3 Oct 9 '13 at 20:09

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