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A weird request maybe but. My boss wants me to create an admin version of a page we have that displays data from an oracle query in a table.

The admin page, instead of displaying the data (query returns 1 row), needs to return the table name and column name

Ex: Insteads of:

Name      Initial
Bob       A

I want:

Name                 Initial
Users.FirstName      Users.MiddleInitial

I realize I can do this in code but would rather just modify the query to return the data I want so I can leave the report generation code mostly alone.

I dont want to do it in a store proc

So when I spit out the data in the report using something like: blah blah=MyDataRow("FirstName") I can leave that as is but instead of it displaying "BOB" it would display "Users.FirstName"

And I want to do the query using select * if possible instead of listing all the columns

So for each of the columns I am querying in the * , I want to get (instead of the column value) the tablename.ColumnName or tablename|columnName

hope you are following- I am confusing myself...


select tablename + '.' + Columnname as WhateverTheColumnNameIs 
from Table1 
  left join Table2 on whatever...
  Join Table_Names on blah blah

Whew- after writing all this I think I will just do it on the code side. But if you are up for it maybe a fun challenge

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I don't think this is possible with straight SQL, you will need to write a stored procedure and use dynamic SQL. Btw: the string concatenation operator is || not + – a_horse_with_no_name Sep 27 '13 at 19:29

Oracle does not provide an authentic way(there is no pseudocolumn) to get the column name of a table as a result of a query against that table. But you might consider these two approaches:

  1. Extract column name from an xmltype, formed by passing cursor expression(your query) in the xmltable() function:

    -- your table
    with t1(first_name, middle_name) as(
      select 1,2 from dual
    ), -- your query
    t2 as(
       select * --  col1 as "t1.col1"
                --, col2 as "t1.col2"
                --, col3 as "t1.col3" 
        from hr.t1
    select *
      from ( select q.object_value.getrootelement() as col_name
                  , rownum as rn
              from xmltable('//*'
                             passing xmltype(cursor(select * from t2 where rownum = 1))
            ) q
     where q.object_value.getrootelement() not in ('ROWSET', 'ROW')
      max(col_name) for rn in (1 as "name", 2 as "initial")


    name            initial       
    --------------- ---------------

    Note: In order for column names to be prefixed with table name, you need to list them explicitly in the select list of a query and supply an alias, manually.

  2. PL/SQL approach. Starting from Oracle 11g you could use dbms_sql() package and describe_columns() procedure specifically to get the name of columns in the cursor(your select).

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This might be what you are looking for, try selecting from system views USER_TAB_COLS or ALL_TAB_COLS.

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