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I created the certificate and provisioning profile, but I cannot figure out how to get the app onto the device. I have an iphone connected to the computer and don't know what my next step is.

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possible duplicate of Deploy and test application on device – Burhanuddin Sunelwala Apr 2 '15 at 11:09

Go to xCode and choose: Window -> Organizer

In this window you will be able to find your device. Click your device and press "Use for development" :-)

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open xcode now go Window ->Organizer copy attached device identifier(UIID) like as (3133a6e14322a59b4f4d762fa0fcc0f7efe0lb24).


Choose Device add new device(click + sign) give device name and past device identifier.

Now go to provisional profile.

Edit provisional profile for both development and distribution. check new added device.

Again go to Window -> Organizer->provisional profiles delete all and refresh it(clicking refresh button on right bottom).

New downloaded profiles appears with green dot.

Next open your project goto Build Setting->code signing identity choose your provisional for iPhone development or distribution.

Hope it works.

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