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How does one specify --null-audio option working with python API (http://trac.pjsip.org/repos/wiki/Python_SIP_Tutorial)?


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Somehow you're wasting hours of time searching and then, desperate, you post a question to Stackoverflow, and the exact moment after it you find an answer by yourself. This place is the most useful problem solver ever.

After you've created your lib, call lib.set_null_snd_dev(). That must be done after making lib.init (here's my example:)

lib = pj.Lib()
lib.init(log_cfg=pj.LogConfig(level=3, callback=log_cb))
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How do we set without null audio option in Python? To make it working mode instead of dummy mode? i tried this but did not worked: stackoverflow.com/questions/16483635/… – YumYumYum Dec 1 '13 at 13:26
I'm not sure, but try to check out that possible solution I've posted in your thread. – rocknrollnerd Dec 2 '13 at 6:09

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