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I am playing with the new Java Mission Control Profiler that is coming with the Java 7u40 and I cannot make it to profile allocation and collect object statistics. No matter what I do, I cannot see any statistics in the Memory -> Object Statistics window.

The following command starts the collection:

jcmd <pid> JFR.start duration=60s settings=profile filename=alloc-prof.jfr

The Java Mission Control documentation does not mention any specific options to enable object profiling. I have tried to create my own profile and set :

  <flag name="heap-statistics-enabled" label="Heap Statistics">true</flag>
  <flag name="allocation-profiling-enabled" label="Allocation Profiling">true</flag>

But still no Object Statistics are collected.

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Use the template manager that is available in Mission Control.

Go to Windows -> Template Manager and import the template and check Heap Statistics and Allocation Profiling, export it. Done!

If you want to edit the jfc-file manually, it can be good to know elements inside the control-element are not read by the JVM, i.e flag-element, They are used by JMC to modify the parameters outside the control element (the one with the control attribute)

A manual edit requires that you modify these:

set java/object_alloc_in_new_TLAB enabled to true

set java/object_alloc_oustide_new_TLAB enabled to true

set vm/gc/detailed/object_count enabled to true

Note, there are two object count events, with object_count_after_gc you will increase GC times. If you pick the one above instead, you will get one additional GC per recording chunk (which is usually sufficient)

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Thanks! I will try the Export option first. – Ales Plsek Sep 27 '13 at 22:09
@kire-haglin Thanks for the detailed response, very helpful! Is there more documentation on what exactly object_count and object_count_after_gc do and what the period everyChunk means? I.e., do both cause an additional GC and if so, why? And what is a "recording chunk"? – Hbf Jan 1 at 23:41
You can think of a recording chunk as a log file. With period="everyChunk" the event is written when the "log file" is rotated. This guarantees that you have at least one such event per recording file (which is made up of one or several recording chunks). Only object_count adds an additional GC. – Kire Haglin Jan 2 at 14:47

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