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I'm working on something wherein I want to take an audio stream (mp4 being streamed in) and save it to a file (mp4, directly, but whatever works [e.g, PCM is fine]). It's not a simple stream to a file operation because I want to be able to take only chunks of the overall stream (i.e, seconds 10 - 15 out of 60).

Via AudioFileStreamGetProperty I'm able to determine that I'm getting the following AudioStreamBasicDescription (I'm hardcoding things here for easy reference, don't mind it):

AudioStreamBasicDescription clientFormat;
memset(&clientFormat, 0, sizeof(clientFormat));
clientFormat.mSampleRate = 22050;
clientFormat.mFormatID = 1633772320;
clientFormat.mFormatFlags = 0;
clientFormat.mBytesPerPacket = 0;
clientFormat.mFramesPerPacket = 1024;
clientFormat.mChannelsPerFrame = 1;
clientFormat.mBitsPerChannel = 0;
clientFormat.mReserved = 0;

So, with that said, I create a file, and set the codec and client data format:

OSStatus err = ExtAudioFileCreateWithURL(
    (__bridge CFURLRef)outputURL, 

UInt32 codecManf = kAppleSoftwareAudioCodecManufacturer;

Creating the file is fine (no errors), and those two calls don't give me any errors if I bother to check them. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that this creates a file to write to that's expecting audio in the format (clientFormat) that I've specified. I've tried both Software and Hardware codec settings, with neither making a difference (though I've read that some people find Software to be more reliable).

My problem is that ExtAudioFileWrite returns -50 if I attempt the following...

ExtAudioFileWrite(captureFile, 0, NULL);

...or returns -66567 (kExtAudioFileError_MaxPacketSizeUnknown) if I attempt to write actual data to the file. Said data is coming from an AVPlayer instance via an MTAudioProcessingTap. There does not appear to be any problem with this that I've been able to discern - it just falls apart at writing.

Am I correct in that it should be fine to take the AudioStreamBasicDescription (clientFormat) that I expect my audio to be given to me from, and in turn use that for my source file? Or am I completely insane?

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I'm not as far along with MTAudioProcessingTap as you, but was wondering if you had figured out how to get the tap deallocated correctly. I can't get it to ever fire its unprepare and finalize callbacks. Please take a look at my question here if you can. stackoverflow.com/q/19202306/506796 –  Tenfour04 Oct 11 '13 at 2:11

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