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I'm having trouble getting my program to run from the command line. I'm executing it from the src folder and the files are stored in the package proj2.

So when I run java -cp "proj2/*;proj2/antlr-3.5.jar" proj2.myClass

I receive an "Error: Could not find or load main class"

If I remove the classpath and just write java proj2.myClass

I get the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

How can I run the program using the classpaths correctly?

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Calling java proj2.myClass tries to run the main method from class myClass (name should be upper case by convention) in package proj2.

If myClass is declared with package proj2; there has to be a file myClass.class in a subfolder proj2 of a classpath entry, in the given example it should be java -cp ".;proj2/antlr-3.5.jar" proj2.myClass, so proj2.myClass can be found searching from ..

If you don't need antlr-3.5 you can ommit ..

If your class has no package declared it has to be java -cp "proj2;proj2/antlr-3.5.jar" myClass.

You should also avoid mixing class files and jar files in the same folder or accessible through the same classpath entry, but separating jars and classes subtrees.

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Thanks! That helped me straighten everything out –  Nick Sep 28 '13 at 1:26

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