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I have a class within a class with a property, e.g., Car.Engine.Name. I have implemented KVC and would like to send WillChangeValue for "Engine.Name" but it doesn't seem to register. Sending WillChangeValue for "Name" for Car.Name does work, on the other hand.

        Object target = _t;
        PropertyInfo info;
        for (int i = 0; i < keys.Length; i++) {
            info = target.GetType ().GetProperty (keys[i]);
            if (i == keys.Length - 1) {
                WillChangeValue (nsKeyPath);  // <--- doesn't seem to work if there is a nontrival keypath
                info.SetValue (target, nsValue.ToObject (info.PropertyType), null);
                DidChangeValue (nsKeyPath);
            } else {

                target = info.GetValue (target, null);
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Here is the answer, I needed to change WillChange for the top node, e.g., WillChangeValue("Engine"). In the implemented code, WillChangeValue(keys[0])

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