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I would like to pull artifacts from teamcity.

I've been trying to use c# and the HtmlAgilityPack to goto the website and find the latest version and its artifacts. I'm currently stuck at the login, I think I just need to be sending Session Cookies out.

Am I going in the right direction, has anyone else tried this?

I realize that pushing files out with the build scripts is easy but I'd like to minimize changes to the Ant,NAnt files since I'm looking at scaling this to 100 apps.

Edit: this question looks promising Getting HTML from a page behind a login

Edit: this works now, I just need to write some code to parse it

WebClient ww = new WebClient();
ww.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

NameValueCollection post = new NameValueCollection();
post.Add("username", "name");
post.Add("submitLogin", "Login");
post.Add("publicKey","long thing to intercept with fiddler");
post.Add("encryptedPassword","not giving you this");
post.Add("_", "");
byte[] values = ww.UploadValues("", "POST",post);
string s = ww.DownloadString("");
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There are simpler solutions, please read this:

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very cool thank you. – Scott Cowan Dec 12 '08 at 16:58

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