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Ruby has a wealth of conditional constructs, including if/unless, while/until etc.

The while block from C:

while (condition) {

can be directly translated to Ruby:

while condition 

However, I can't seem to find a built-in equivalent in Ruby for a C-like do ... while block in which the block contents are executed at least once:

do { 
} while (condition);

Any suggestions?

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See also:… – AndrewR Oct 12 '08 at 1:22
possible duplicate of Is there a "do ... while" loop in Ruby? – Buhake Sindi Aug 4 '13 at 17:22
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...The best I could come up with is the loop construct with a break at the end:

loop do
    break unless condition
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Yes, this is the approach that Matz recommended. see – Siwei Shen May 23 '12 at 5:24
@Siwei Nice catch. I'm changing the accepted answer. – Cristi Diaconescu May 29 '12 at 17:22

You can do

end until 10==x

(you can also tack on a while clause to the end of begin..end)

see p 128 of Flanagan/Matz Ruby Prog'g Lang book: This is something that may be removed in releases after 1.8

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That would be the direct translation of do...while from C. It's Matz's comment that makes me a bit nervous about using this – Cristi Diaconescu Oct 10 '08 at 14:10
I think i should start testing in 1.9 in ubuntu and OS X, it's not hard… – Gene T Oct 10 '08 at 14:31
 puts  number
end while number>0
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You can use

while condition
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while condition isnt the same as do while condition. in the do while case the code gets executed at least once. – mat kelcey Oct 10 '08 at 9:22
The point of the question was that it's obvious how to do a while (condition){...} but not so obvious how to do a do{...} while(condition), which runs the inside block at least once no matter what. – Cristi Diaconescu Oct 10 '08 at 14:08

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