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I have a PNG image that I would like to turn into a layered PSD image. The image itself is mostly white space with several areas of text.

I tried to convert this PNG to a PSD but I ended up with a flat image.

I am not too versed in image processing. Is there any service that can recognize areas of white space and turn the various components of an image into layers?

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No, a PNG does not have layers. And the "areas of white space" is a fuzzy concept. YOu must do it yourself. –  leonbloy Sep 27 '13 at 20:28
Let's assume you have darker objects on a white background. Are you asking how you can remove the white background (replace with transparent pixels) ? Also, why would you need multiple layers ? Do you need to place each isolated remaining 'island' of dark pixels on a separate layer ? –  George Profenza Mar 24 at 23:00

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Yes .PNG can be layered (from Macromedia Fireworks back in the day) I still have about 100,000 layered files in .PNG If I remember right Corel Draw can convert these files.

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This does not appear to answer the OP. Is this mean as a comment? –  SiKing Mar 24 at 20:56

Sorry png or jpeg files cannot be converted into layers . For this, you need to break the image into layers and then convert the file as .psd

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