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I want to run a cellphone emulator on Ubuntu. I am not picky about any particular cellphone as I am not using it for mobile development instead just to run a small software to generate keys for my personal purpose; as the software is not compatible for ubuntu but is present for cellphones.

Do let me know a suitable emulator source. A high end nokia/Iphone/etc.. phone should be good.

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I think you might need to be a little picky if you're trying to run a particular app - Nokia and iPhone run completely different software. What are you trying to run? – Jesse McGrew Dec 15 '09 at 8:43

Nokia emulators only run in Windows.

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I am assuming that you want to code in java if you are not picky about the cell phone. you can download a nokia emulator from the code section there, a quick google will show you where to get others - microsoft is built into visual studio when you create a windows mobile project. Not sure about the java apps though.

did a bit more digging and you could also use the android ADT/device emulator, although - im not sure you can install the apps on it. cant you run a mobile phone emulator through WINE in ubuntu?

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