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I am fairly new to wso2 message broker and working on a poc. We are trying to use WSO2 Message broker with RabbitMQ C#. I get an error in the Consumer code, when I bind the queue to the fanout exchange. Here is the code that errors out:

_channel.ExchangeDeclare("amq.fanout", "fanout");
string queueName = _channel.QueueDeclare();
_channel.QueueBind(queueName, "amq.fanout", "");

The exception happens in the third line (QueueBind) of this snippet.

Here is the error The AMQP operation was interrupted: AMQP close-reason, initiated by Peer, code=504, text="org.wso2.andes.AMQSecurityException: Permission denied: binding [error code 403: access refused]", classId=50, methodId=20, cause=

We are using AMQP 0_9_1.

I see that wso2 mb does not provide the fanout exchange by default. I added the following snippet to the qpid.virtualhosts.xml file


When the broker is started, I dont see any errors.

I am not sure if I am missing anything in the setup or code, or does wso2 Message broker support fanout exchange at all? I could not find any examples for this case either. Any help is appreciated!

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As far as I have looked into this issue, I can tell WSO2 Message Broker supports only Direct and Topic exchange types. FanOut and Headers exchange types are not supported and it fails when I use them. WSO2 Message Broker is powered by Andes broker engine. Andes document talks only about the two messaging patterns based on Queues & Topics and doesn't talk about any exchange types being used. Further digging into the source code by decompiling the WSO2 Message Broker JAR files, I see "", "amq.topic", "amq.fanout" and "amq.match" (headers) exchange names being used, but not sure if all were implemented.

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