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I’ve been having a bit of difficulty with data bindings. I have a BindingList(Of IDataItem), the list is populated with two class types that both implement the IDataItem interface but only one implements the INotifyPropertyChange interface. As you can guess I am using a DataGridView control bound to the BindingList to display the data. I am having a problem where any property changes make behind the scenes are not being reflected by the DataGridView control unless the control is redrawn.

Any suggestions? Do both classes need to implement the INotifyPropertyChange interface? Does the BindingList not work with an interface type, must a class type be used?

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First, I'm curious why you are sticking 2 different items in the BindingList.

Second, if the class does not implement INotifyPropertyChange, changes will NOT be reflected in your grid.

Third, not sure how the BindingList would work with a interface type. I would think it would inspect the type to see if it implements INotifyProretyChanged, which IDataItem (interface) cannot implement another interface... can it? (EDIT: I think it actually can)

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