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Where can I find real-world examples of applications written in Python?

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A search for Python projects at SourceForge.net will offer up a lot of popular, real-world examples.

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Python's CPAN-like repository is called PyPi, and is chock full of examples! You can browse packages by topic, which is helpful if you know what sort of program you're looking to write.

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The most comprehensive list of Python wins is at the Python web site, under Python Success Stories.

Google, Yahoo, Washington Post web site, Plone content management system, Zope portal framework/application, etc.

Google and Yahoo originally rolled out much of their functionality written in Python. Where performance was an issue (obviously, the search engine party) they reprogrammed it in C or C++.

However, much of the non-performance critical modules today remain written in Python. When you are on these sites checking online help or doing some social/portal thing, take a look in the URL of the page you are looking at and see if there is a ".py" in there somewhere.

Google's new Application Engine is 100% Python. It is not just old functionality but also new functionality that is being coded in Python.

Google has made their development practices/philosophy pretty transparent to the outside world. They are very knowledgeable people, generally - and their programmers are encouraged to use a language that is a good fit for the software they are creating.

Many software projects managed/organized/monitored by Trac. Trac is written in Python.

Someone blogged a list of popular Python applications in How Python wins the web.

As an aside, Python won readers choice award in 2008 for Favorite Scripting Language. The survey was put out by Linux Journal magazine.

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Reddit is written in Python.

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Any field in particular? Python is used for a variety of tasks. You could look through the wiki page on applications written in Python.

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Many simple "recipes" can be found at Python Cookbook served by ActiveState:


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Panda3D Free open source game and simulation engine developed by Disney and maintained by Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center.

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Zope and Plone CMS.

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EVE Online uses a variant of Python called Stackless Python, which has proven to be able to take >45000 concurrent users on a single cluster (or shard), which I would consider pretty good for an MMO.

Python is used both in the client and on the server.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see that Juice (a podcast receiver) is written in Python. It looks like a real Windows app and nothing in the GUI tipped me off to this. I just noticed when looking around in its program directory.

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Biggest thing that comes to mind is Chandler

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I think only parts of chandler are good examples for python programming. A lot of code is written with java in mind and the whole chandler project isn't exactly a success story. The book "Dreaming in Code" gives a good insight. –  Peter Hoffmann Oct 29 '08 at 11:36

This looks like an invitation to plug in my own product here :).

Testuff is a software test management tool consisting of a desktop front end built with wxPython, and a REST-based back end built with CherryPy and SQLAlchemy among other things.

It's about as real as you can get.

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Google is an example of a world example written in Python!

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browsershots.org was completely written in python ;)

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The AI and map generation for Civilization 4 are done in Python

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The AI is actually in C++, but almost all of the non-map-based user interface is written in Python. –  David Harkness Feb 24 '12 at 22:54

Software Center for Linux Mint 14 (Nadia) is actually written in Python as sometimes software center can sometimes slow down or even need to be restarted I think that C++ would have been better that Python for this application but whoever wrote Software Center decided that Python would be the language that it would be written in if you don't believe me than fire up Software Center and goto the about applet and it will tell you who programmed it and what language it was written in.

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