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I am using getopts to get passed options to a ksh script but the options aren't being recognized by getopts.

Here is the options part of the usage string I give to getopts

USAGE+="[w:week?print the whole week]"
USAGE+="[b:before?print the month up to and including the requested day]"
USAGE+="[a:after?print the month starting from the requested day to the end of the month or week]"
USAGE+="[d:day]#[day:=$(date "+%d"|sed 's/^0*//')?requested day]{[1-31]}"
USAGE+="[m:month]#[month:=$(date "+%m"|sed 's/^0*//')?month of requested day]{[1-12]}"
USAGE+="[y:year]#[year:=$(date "+%Y")?year of requested day.]"

And here is my getopts block

while getopts "$USAGE" optchar
    echo $optchar
    case $optchar
            w)      boolWEEK=true;

            b)      boolBEFORE=true;
            a)      boolAFTER=true;
            d)      day=$OPTARG
            m)      month=$OPTARG
            y)      year=$OPTARG

Here is the output of running the script with an option

$ ksh now.ksh -a
now.ksh: -a: unknown option
Usage: now.ksh [-wba] [-d day] [-m month] [-y year]
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You appear to be using the ast getopts syntax.

I got this working by adding [-] to the front of the USAGE string:

USAGE+="[-][w:week?print the whole week]"

Perhaps the [-] is required to resolve any ambiguity in the option string.

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