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I've installed both python and ipython (Anaconda) on my Mac. I've created a startup script for python in order to save the commands history in a file called pyhistory.txt. This script is read by python because I've specified it through the PYTHONSTARTUP env. variable.

The problem is that ipython also reads the PYTHONSTARTUP env. variable and assume the file pyhistory.txt the place where to save its commands history.

This could work but everytime I launch ipython it overrides the python history and python won't be able to even load the pyhistory.txt file (see this SO answer for explanation).

When I've installed the Anaconda ipython it created a profile_default under the .ipython directory inside the home folder. So ipython it supposed to save its own history somewhere inside the the profile_default but it also uses my pyhistory.txt file.

  • Can I temporary unset the PYTHONSTARTUP env. variable when I launch ipython in order not to override the python history?
  • Does anybody have a better solution or suggestion ?

I Hope I was clear.

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