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So, I have some event which would change the document title using javascript.

        document.title = "Some new title"; 

Now that I've renamed the document title, how do I revert it back to what it was originally? The text that actually appears between the <title> tags in the html document?

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You would save the original title before you change it:

var originalTitle = document.title;

    document.title = "Some new title"; 

$('.changeBack').click(function() {
    document.title = originalTitle;

(Obviously you don't have to change it back within any particular click handler, the code I've shown is just an example.)

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Makes sense. Thanks. I've been thinking too hard. :) – JROB Sep 28 '13 at 2:57

If you wan't to toggle you could also do it like this:

// saving the titles in an object
var title = {
    oldTitle: document.title,
    newTitle: "This is the new title"
var oldTitle = true; // flag set to true initially

// Toggling on click
$('.someClass').on('click', function(){
    // Check the flag and set the value accordingly
        document.title = title.newTitle;
        oldTitle = false;
    } else {
        document.title = title.oldTitle;
        oldTitle = true;
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If you want to toggle between 2 different titles you could do something like this.

var arr = ["oldtitle", "newtitle"], i = 0;
$('.someclass').on("click", function(){
    document.title = arr[i++%2]
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