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I have a class that I cannot change which has multiple @Id (annotated in JPA annotation) fields and some other annotations that ormlite does not support. So I am creating the table using java code to annotate the class.

However, without the ability to add an extra field to the class, the UniqueCombo trick mentioned in Multiple primary keys - ORMlite does not work for me because for example:

class A {
  int key1;

  int key2;

with the following Java code to create ormlite table config:

DatabaseField f = new DatabaseField("key1");

f = new DatabaseField("key2");

if I set any of them as PK (setId(true)) then when the data are actually different, the DB will not be happy when I try to create another row with the same key. Are there any way to solve this problem without changing class A?

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No, ORMlite allows only one field as a primary key.

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