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I already have Lua For Windows installed but as I read about the latest version of Lua which is 5.2.2, I noticed that Lua For Windows is using an old version of Lua which is 5.1.

I want to build the latest lua version to my windows 7 pc, but I don't quite get the idea on how I can build it. I already read this too Detailed Instruction for installing Lua. Do i need to remove the Lua For Windows ? please give me links how I can build it? what are the necessary tools to build the last lua source code.

Note: please also tell how can I test a source on it.

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you might find this question helpful if you're looking to build lua from source. –  greatwolf Sep 28 '13 at 7:19

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Lua binaries are hosted on sourceforge. You don't need to remove Lua for Windows. What I do on my installation of LFW is, I overwrite the lua.exe and lua.dll with the respective 5.2.* files from the binaries I downloaded.

PS: Sourceforge hasn't been updated with 5.2.2 release of Lua and is still at version 5.2.1. If you want to build, you'll find the similar question that greatwolf has linked to.

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joedf.users.sourceforge.net/luabuilds ;) –  Joe DF Oct 7 '13 at 3:49

Compiling lua on Windows using Visual Studio is as simple as:

  1. Downloading a copy of the lua source code and extracting it
  2. Opening a Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt and navigating to the 'src' directory
  3. Run this command: move luac.c .. & cl *.c -o lua.exe /O1
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