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I have a jquery function one for lot of ".class" objects, and i wanna call function complete after .one function was called on all ".class" objects.

This is .one function

   //some code here
   if(this.complete) $(this).load();


OK, i using function from jQuery callback on image load (even when the image is cached) (the answered solution) for lot of img and dynamicly resizing them when img is cached by browser, and i need call function when all images were cached so when function .one("load") was called to all objects.

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It's confusing to me, please describe your scenario instead. –  The Alpha Sep 28 '13 at 8:15

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Try this:

 (function () {
     var totImgs = $('.pas_img').length;
     $(".pas_img").one("load", function () {
         if (!--totImgs) {
             alert('all images loaded');
     }).each(function () {
         if (this.complete) $(this).load();
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