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I have a class named MyString{}. I have created a method like this

MyString replaceAll(char oldChar, char newChar){


The method replace a char array by the oldChar and newChar. I have some other methods like upper one. But I want it, when this method is called it should return an object and that object will print the replaced array. I cant change my method type like

String replaceAll(char oldChar, char newChar){


Can I make toString method only for my methods? Is it possible?

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No, a method belongs to a type, not another method.

It's not at all clear what you're trying to achieve, but it sounds like you just need to override toString() within MyString. Then when you call:

MyString x = new MyString(...);
String foo = x.replaceAll('x', 'y').toString();

that will call toString() on the MyString reference returned by replaceAll... which will presumably have all the appropriate char values replaced.

If that doesn't help, please clarify your question as it's pretty unclear at the moment.

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When we write MyString s = new MyString(); we can access the element of the my string class by s.something right? Now I want to create a kind of object by which we can have the access of a specific method's elements. –  Tushar Tush Khush Sep 28 '13 at 8:37
@TusharTushKhush: I'm afraid that's far too vague a description of what you're trying to do. Methods don't have "elements" - objects have state. You really need to clarify what you're trying to achieve. –  Jon Skeet Sep 28 '13 at 9:45

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