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I have successfully generated password protected pdf using xsl fo from apache foundation's fop 0.95 engine. Now the problem comes with the base-link with external-destination specified. Clicking the links work no more. On hover, the link shows the tooltip of the form: "file:///C:/myfolder/some-strange-special-characters". However, this works successfully with the normal unprotected pdf, and on hover shows the following tooltip: "http://www.mysite.com". What should I do?

I use the following command line option to generate password protected pdf from xml using fop 0.95:

fop.bat -u myPassword -xml sample.xml -xsl sample.xsl -pdf sample.pdf

The syntax for placing link is:

   <fo:base-link external-destination="http://www.mysite.com"></fo:base-link>

Thank you.

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Just looks like a bug in FOP:


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