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I need add a computed column to an SQL Server datatable to perfomrs a cast over another column in same table. Is there the best approach to achieve it or someone has a better idea?

Important note: StringValue column has a 5% or less of non numeric values, they must be parsed as zero.

    ParsedValue AS case isnumeric(StringValue) when 1 then cast(StringValue as decimal(18,4)) else 0 end PERSISTED 

Thanks in advance,

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What version of SQL Server? –  Martin Smith Sep 28 '13 at 10:03
It's SQL Server 2012, I'm not sure what edition it will be yet. –  Fran Otero Sep 28 '13 at 15:44

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On SQL Server 2012 you can use TRY_CONVERT.

This is more reliable than isnumeric for this purpose.

  ADD ParsedValue AS ISNULL(TRY_CONVERT(decimal(18, 4), StringValue), 0) PERSISTED 

I would consider not making it PERSISTED and not wrapping it in ISNULL for non numeric values though.

Treating non numeric values as 0 rather than NULL will mean that, for example, AVG calculations are not correct.

It is not necessary to mark it as PERSISTED to create an index on this column.

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