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I'me extendig the auth User model with additional fields.

class ExtendedUser(models.Model):
    user = models.OneToOneField(User)
    .... #other fields#

I create them in the following way.

base_user = User(username =  'username', password = 'password', email = 'user@mail.com')
extended_user = ExtendedUser(user = base_user, ...#other fields#)

In that scenario the user_id is not set. If I try to save the base_user to the database an error occures.

#Exception traceback
... user_id may not be NULL

What bothers me is that I the following solves the problem:

extended_user.user_id = extended_user.user.id

This was done automatically for my custom OneToOne relations. Am I missing something regarding the User or is this a bug?

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You need to save the base_user first for it to have an pk (it's generated by the database).

base_user = User(username =  'username', password = 'password', email = 'user@mail.com')
assert base_user.pk is None  # Of course that's not required, just here to prove the point.
extended_user = ExtendedUser(user = base_user, ...#other fields#)

But even better,

base_user = User.objects.create(username= 'username', password='password', email='user@mail.com')
extended_user = ExtendedUser.objects.create(user=base_user, #...)
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