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I'm making a question and answer game. The user must first pick a category in a JFrame then another Jframe would pop up with the question. What i want is to prevent the user from choosing another category without first answering the question.

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JDialog/JOptionPane is the answer, here is one related example –  nIcE cOw Sep 28 '13 at 12:23

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Instead of using JFrame either use a JDialog or JOptionPane

See How to use dialogs for more details

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You could make the second frame modal so that no category could be picked if the second frame is not closed first.

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Disable the parent frame(Category) before showing the question frame

//Display yours Question Frame

Then you can add enable the category frame when user answers the question. use action Listeners for this. Also add a action lintener for close window button. In all these scenarios set visibility of your question frame to false and enable your categories frame.

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