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I'm having a problem with the following piece of code throwing warnings and was hoping you could help me:

   fprintf (fp, "%dd%d+%d ", pMobIndex->mana[DICE_NUMBER],

DICE_NUMBER is defined in my header file as 0.

Obviously, 0 is not exceeding the size of the array.

The array is defined as.

   int               mana[2];

I have absolutely no idea why it would be doing this, as 0 is clearly within the bounds of the array. Half of my engines code is throwing these array bound errors now, I've got about 30 of them, and NONE of them make sense to me. Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry about that! First timer :P Did not know not to comment.

Here is the output from make:

  gcc -O3 -s -Wall -c -o obj/olc_save.o olc_save.c
olc_save.c: In function 'save_mobile':
olc_save.c:234:13: warning: array subscript is above array bounds [-Warray-bounds]
     fprintf (fp, "%dd%d+%d ", pMobIndex->mana[DICE_NUMBER],

it also happens:

db1.c: In function 'create_mobile':
db1.c:2056:30: warning: array subscript is above array bounds [-Warray-bounds]
             + pMobIndex->mana[DICE_BONUS];


olc_act.c: In function 'medit_manadice':
olc_act.c:6500:15: warning: array subscript is above array bounds [-Warray-bounds]
     pMob->mana[DICE_BONUS] = atoi (bonus);

The definition in my header file:

/* dice */
#define DICE_NUMBER  0
#define DICE_TYPE    1
#define DICE_BONUS   2

I'm aware DICE_BONUS will be (realizing it only now) but I for the life of me cannot figure out why DICE_NUMBER is.

D'oh. The problem is that the third integar output there on the fprintf is DICE_BONUS but its on another line, I thought the compiler was warning me about DICE_NUMBER, it was warning me about BONUS. Thank you guys so much, you've been very helpful, sorry for the (not incredibly bright) question.

Thank you all again! :)

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Show the real error msg plz –  billz Sep 28 '13 at 10:48
SSCCE please, or it didn't happen. –  jrok Sep 28 '13 at 10:48
Are you sure that Warning is because of code shown??? –  Dayal rai Sep 28 '13 at 10:49
Update to your own question plz, not as a comment. –  billz Sep 28 '13 at 10:53
DICE_BONUS will obviously be out of bounds in your case –  spiritwolfform Sep 28 '13 at 10:58

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mana[2] is an integer array for two elements and DICE_BONUS is defined as 2 so mana[2] means you are trying to access third element.

REMEMBER array starts from 0 subscript. So all warnings related to DICE_BONUS is valid. You need to redefine your array for three elements.

Now about DICE_NUMBER that is not causing warning. Perhaps you have some additional argument on that line which includes DICE_BONUS there too.

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