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I want to do some stuff when 'myLocation' button tapped. So far, I've the UIButton itself:

UIButton *btnMyLoc = (UIButton*)[self.googleMapView subviews].lastObject;

But it's not enough. Any ideas?

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Currently there is no direct method in Google Maps IOS sdk for knowing when the user taps on MyLocation button. A possible workaround is to use the below method

- (void) mapView: (GMSMapView *) mapView  idleAtCameraPosition: (GMSCameraPosition *)   position 

This will be called at the end of any camera animation or gestures. When a user clicks mylocation button, the camera will be animated to position the visible map region such that the user's current location(if detected) will lie at the center. So you can check inside idleAtCameraPosition whether the location is same as the user's current location that can be known through - (CLLocation*) myLocation [read, assign] and do your required functionality.

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to make sure this work, we need to add <GMSMapViewDelegate> as a delegate for our class. – Khairulnizam Dahari Dec 11 '13 at 0:36

In release 1.9.2 there is a delegate method that does exactly that:

func didTapMyLocationButtonForMapView
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