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I have recently downloaded unity3d 4.2.1 and installed it. Installation was successful but when I run, it does not start.

enter image description here

My pc configuration is:

  • Intel corei5 with 4GB RAM
  • No external graphics card
  • Intel Integrated graphics (Intel HD 3000)
  • Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit)

I browsed this problem on net and found some people are having problem with 64 bit windows. In that case, solution suggests to add a "DEP" exception to unity. A solution is suggested here.

But it did not work for me. I followed every step and the only difference with instruction is marked below:

enter image description here

Can anybody kindly suggest me what shat should I attempt now?

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Did you have a previous version? If so, try holding alt while launching Unity‌​, this will give you access to the project selector on the off chance it's an old project that's crashing. –  Jerdak Sep 28 '13 at 13:04
I finally found, if I dont import any built in package to my new project, unity launches. but the actual problem is, I am not able to import any asset packages. If I do, it crashes :( –  shaonAshraf Sep 29 '13 at 9:50
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