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I see that there is a lot of explanations of the page life cycle in ASP.NET, But I didn't find a document or blog that explain or demonstrate examples of recommendations for each life cycle (preinit,init,initcomplete and co). I know for example that it's recommend to bind data from DB to server controls on Page_Load event.

thanks in advance.

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I always used this article as a reference point when i was learning:… – adaam Sep 28 '13 at 13:18

I find this article to be quite a good reference on the page life cycle in

I usually follow the following broad guidelines for myself:

  1. Init event - When databinding e.g. a DropDownList I do this on the control's Init event (if you do at later point the entire list will end up in viewstate unless you turn viewstate off).
  2. Init event - When adding controls dynamically to control tree I do this in the Init event
  3. Load event - setting control's values (e.g. loading field values from database and setting the input fields)
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