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I am creating App to play with storing data on the external storage, however the code doesn't work on my simulator,

String state = Environment.getExternalStorageState();

The returned state is always removed, and below is my simulator configurations of which I set the size of the sd card as 200M, so I think the sd card should be mounted on the simulator. enter image description here

do you know why?

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I've tested your initialization. Well, it works. Several things you might want to try:

  • Test your app on an actual device with working sdcard. Does your code give you the correct state there? That would mean, it's not the code but really the emulator.
  • Use the following code in onCreate after the call to super.onCreate. It'll give you a toast showing state an actuall path to the external storage.

        Environment.getExternalStorageState() + ", " +
  • Make sure your PC has writeable space for the sd-card file. Depending on the operating system this file can be found under your <home>/.android/avd/<device name>.avd/sdcard.img

  • Upgrade to the newest Android SDK
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