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I'm looking to create a chain select form, in order to create a download section to download various software/documentation for the products we sell.

I have created a mockup of the basic thing I am trying to achieve:


If anyone could point me in the right direction of possibly a similar example or template that I could work from that would be great.

Many Thanks

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Based on my experience, you can do it in the following way(browser-side):

  1. Use jQuery.
  2. Create javascript JSON data containers for each list:
    • for list 1: each item/object should have id and name
    • for lists 2 : each item/object should have id, name and master id (referencing to item selected in the previous list)
    • for list 3: each item/object should have id, name, master id, and text that will be shown below
  3. Then you use onselect on list 1 to:
    • read iteratively your data container for list 2
    • and select items with proper master id of the selected element from list 1
    • then you update your DOM element with values and id-s
  4. You do the same when item on list 2 is selected for list 3
  5. When you select item onlist 3:
    • choose proper item from JSON datastore for list 3 and display associated text below.
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