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I'm learning jQuery and I'm tying something out.

I've created a slide in menu by clicking on menu. Now is have 2 events .click, one for slide in and 1 for slide out. When I click on the menu than opens the menu and directly closing it.

How can i prevent that? I want to have it like this. When yo click anywhere on the the menu will slide out.

Can you help me?


//Button fade by mouse enter
        $("#menubutton").fadeTo('slow', 0.5);

//Slide in menu by clicking on menu

//Back to normal after mouse leave
    $("#menubutton").fadeTo('slow' , 1);



Many thanks in advance!

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The problem is your button click propagates to the document element, so it triggers it's sliding up handler too. You should prevent that propagation:

//Slide in menu by clicking on menu


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Thanks! Ok I have to make an event out of it. It works now. – Jssonline Sep 28 '13 at 14:15

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