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I've got a web app running in a Facebook Canvas iframe. ( https://apps.facebook.com/ideatree )

I use sessions to manage my own logins as well as many other things.

As is well-documented here, running in the Canvas iframe doesn't allow third-party cookies, which means I can't reliably have my own PHP sessions in all browsers if I'm using a cookie to store my session ID.

My proposed solution is to detect whether I'm running in a Facebook Canvas iframe by parsing the signed_request received from Facebook at startup and in that case configuring PHP sessions in real time to pass the session ID on the URL instead of in a cookie.

But that seems hacky, and possibly insecure. Is there an approved Facebook way to have your own session vars within a Canvas app?

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What you do within your own app does not need Facebook’s “approval”, and I know of no official guideline regarding session id cookies within their iframe. 3rd party cookies are not generally impossible – it depends on the browser and the user’s settings. So I would try to pass the session id via cookie and use trans_sid as a fallback (PHP itself will stop appending it to URLs/forms once it gets it passed via cookie for the first time). Whether that’s “secure enough” for your needs is for you to figure out. –  CBroe Oct 15 '13 at 20:57
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