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I am exporting a crsytalreport to pdf using

On executing the report is opened in the default pdf reader(adobe reader 9 in my case) which is embedded in the browser (ie 8 in my case).

I need the report only to be viewed and to print and it should not be allowed to be saved.

I need a way to disable the save button in the tool bar of the pdf reader,browser and disable the right click in pdf reader.

Note: The print button should be left enabled

Softwares used

pdf reader : adode reader 9
browser : internet explorer 8
platform :

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You can disable/enable certain operations on the PDF via encryption, but disabling the "Save A Copy" button isn't one of them. The PDF is already on the client side at that point, and Adobe's browser plugin always has that feature enabled.

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You can only hide the menu bar.

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