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I am creating teaching material in Sphinx, and I often want to redirect students to a given man page. Sphinx has a nice internal syntax for this, e.g. :manpage:ls(1). Unfortunately Sphinx only applies some formatting to this, resulting in a plain text output. I would like Sphinx to render a link to some web page with a given manpage, similarly as how it is done for :rfc: tag.

Is is doable somehow? Is there a way to easily rewrite :manpage: macro, so I can achieve this?

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I could not find any solution so I have written a plugin that provides :linuxman: role and created custom links, the source is available here: https://github.com/tdi/sphinxcontrib-manpage.

Th eplugin is available on pypi, you can install it via: pip install sphinxcontrib-manpage.

The usage is similar to sphinx's :manpage: role, you just write: :linuxman:ls(1) and a link to http://linux.die.net/man/1/ls is generated. The url can be configured in conf.py.

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