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I am working on a multi-platform project and I am working majorly under windows. I update my source code through svn to my mac and I need to manually add every added source/header files into xcode project. I wish I could drag/drop all files, no matter if they are already added or not, into xcode project and make it work. However, Xcode just adds the same existing files again into the project and when it compiles, it will say duplicated symbols found.

This will never happen in Visual Studio. Visual Studio will check if the dropped file is already included in current project.

So how can I add sources to Xcode without worry about whether or not they are there? Further more, is it possible Xcode automatically add new source files from my source file folder into project?

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If Xcode does not have a feature that you want, report it to Apple via bugreport.apple.com.

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