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I have a game in MonoGame, and I'd like to make it downloadable from my website. I'd like it if people could just download the game and then play it, though I wouldn't mind if they installed it as well. (it's a very small game, however, so I don't think they'll want to go through that process, though perhaps I'd like to offer both options!)

For now, I'd just like to deploy to Windows and make sure that works, but any advice on how to compile/deploy to Mac/Linux would be great, too.


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This actually something I have always wanted to know but found little info on. From my experience which is not by any means the final answer and just something to you help down the right path...

You can follow this:How to: Publish a ClickOnce Application using the Publish Wizard

Now in my example project I was able to download it and had to install it. I know this is only one of the ways you asked but for the other way I believe you would want to make your project an executable. Which you can find a question on it here. Hope this helps. :)

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