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I would like to do a snmpget in python without blocking. I don't want to use threads, I really like gevent library but I haven't used it before so not sure where to start. I looked at their examples and understood how I can monkey patch sockets. If I monkey patch sockets and use a module like pysnmp would it be sufficient to perform non-blocking queries?

Also, since I'll be on a linux box I have access to snmpget command line utility, so I can invoke them using gevent.subprocess which is available in version 1.0 which can make these queries non-blocking too.

I'd prefer using a python module to do a snmp get than using command line utility, however if the second option is easier to get to work then I won't mind taking that approach.

Any hints/directions would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I've taken the pysnmp_eventlet module and tried to adopt the Twisted example with eventlet. I'm not sure why my callback function is not getting invoked. I can see the SNMP request and response coming back in tcpdump. However my callback function (cbFun) is not getting invoked. Am I missing something?

from pysnmp_eventlet.carrier.eventlet.dispatch import EventletDispatcher
from pysnmp_eventlet.carrier.eventlet.dgram import udp

from pysnmp.entity.rfc3413 import cmdgen
from pysnmp.entity import engine, config

# Create SNMP engine instance

snmpEngine = engine.SnmpEngine()
dispatcher = EventletDispatcher()

# SecurityName <-> CommunityName mapping
config.addV1System(snmpEngine, 'my-area', 'public')

# Specify security settings per SecurityName (SNMPv1 - 0, SNMPv2c - 1)
config.addTargetParams(snmpEngine, 'my-creds', 'my-area', 'noAuthNoPriv', 1)

# UDP/IPv4
    ('', 161),
    timeout=300,  # in 1/100 sec

def cbFun(cbCtx):
    (errorIndication, errorStatus, errorIndex, varBinds) = cbCtx

    if errorIndication:
    elif errorStatus:
        print('%s at %s' % (
                errorIndex and varBinds[int(errorIndex)-1][0] or '?'
        for oid, val in varBinds:
            print('%s = %s' % (oid.prettyPrint(), val.prettyPrint()))

cmdGen = cmdgen.GetCommandGenerator()
    ( ('', None), ),
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In the code above you still need to run the dispatcher for eventlet to process the incoming packets:

while True:
    except Exception:
        print 'Error while handling dispatcher tick!'

You'd normally spawn this in a greenlet and forget about it (or likely implement some orderly shutdown for it).

(I'll be adding proper examples to the pysnmp_eventlet sometime in the future.)

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Adding some examples would be awesome - I can help you out as well once I get the basics working in my project. –  opensourcegeek Oct 29 '13 at 11:43

There's a patch to pysnmp that makes it running with eventlet:


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Can you please summarize the content of that link, in case it will go 404 in the future? –  STT LCU Sep 30 '13 at 6:55
Is that ready for production use? –  opensourcegeek Sep 30 '13 at 22:41
Yes, we use it in production on python 2.7. For other python versions you may want to wait until it is merged into pysnmp proper. –  flub Oct 28 '13 at 22:25

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