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This question isn't exactly Rackspace specific. I just want to see if something is possible and if so if it is a good idea.

On to the Question: So I'm using Rackspaces' CloudFiles to store objects. Some of these I wish to remain hidden. The API look up using their TempURL is slow and slows processing tremendously. This is with SNET set to true. It would be much easier if I could store these items as publicurls, store the publicurl in my database, and then pass that through some sort of PHP gateway that would be defined on the users session id, time, or whatever. So that if the user were to go back to that URL after a set period of time the file's public URL would no longer be obtainable to that gateway script.

Is this possible? I know I can do a look up to the public file URL with the above but, would the stored document, in this case audio, stream to the user without showing them the PublicURL from the cloud? If it is, are there other concerns with having sensitive files on the CDN?

I appreciate any and all help!


I saw that you can do something with cURL and a proxy so that data will download to the server and the client but, is it possible to avoid downloading the data to the server completely and just stream it to the user?

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Ron - let's talk about this and your other CF issue via email when you get a moment. –  Chris Rasco Oct 18 '13 at 19:26

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